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Mission Statement
Agilet Solutions, Ltd. provides enterprise level information technology (IT) solutions to education (K-12, higher-education and teaching hospitals) and government (federal, state, and local) clients. Solutions include hardware, software, and integration as well as comprehensive support and training services.

Agilet Solutions, Ltd. started operations in 1999 as SIS Development, Ltd. focusing on custom development and integration services for governmental clients including the Department of Defense and their contractors. In June 2005, the company was purchased by a group of highly skilled, experienced, and motivated women and became a reseller for Sun Microsystems and Symantec Corporation.

In May 2006, the company, seeking to better distinguish itself from other entities with similar names, changed its name to Agilet Solutions.

In 2007 Agilet became a reseller for VMware and NTI.

In 2008 Agilet became a reseller for FalconStor.

Agilet is certified as a Texas HUB provider, DIR listed for Sun Microsystems and Symantec, and continues to obtain certifications that enable it to offer products and services to a wider range of government and education clients. Today Agilet is a trusted resource for IT solutions in Universities, Teaching Hospitals, The State of Texas Government, Local Governments, and US Federal Government.

Agilet Solutions is headquartered in Houston, Texas with a branch office in San Antonio, Texas covering Austin, TX.