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Many of Texas's finest institutions of learning rely on Agilet for the best prices and highest quality of service. Agilet is a Sun Microsystems EMAP (Education Market Allowance Partner) Reseller and is DIR listed to provide you with the best possible prices.
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Sun's Matching Grant Program

Sun Microsystems in Healthcare

The healthcare industry deals with an enormous amount of complex data that is often quite time- and security-sensitive. Mobility solutions can deliver enormous benefits to the industry as a whole, such as reducing costs and improving response time.

Symantec in Healthcare

Healthcare providers and their IT departments are increasingly applying automation to improve patient care quality, attract and retain talent, and reduce costs. With the rapid growth of information technology in different departments and interconnections between hospitals, clinics, physician's offices, universities and other entities, IT infrastructures are pushed to the limit. Symantec helps healthcare providers attain their goals by delivering best practices and industry-leading products and services for security, storage management and compliance.


Virtualization is changing the computing landscape. Learn how virtualization can help you save time and money while achieving more with the computer resources you already own.

FalconStor Software

TOTALLY Open™ Data Protection Solutions

Integrated, Available, Optimized

FalconStor Software is the market leader in TOTALLY Open data protection. They deliver proven, comprehensive solutions that facilitate the continuous availability of business-critical data with speed, integrity, and simplicity. Our solutions allow businesses of all sizes to overcome real-world data protection and storage challenges including dramatically increasing data, shrinking backup windows, and budgetary constraints.